Employee Testimonials

Abigail (Abbey) G.

“I love working at Laugh and Learn. I come into work every day looking forward to working with my coworkers and the clients. Everyone works together as a team to help provide the best care for our clients that attend therapy. I learn something new every day, whether it be from one of my coworkers, the BCBAs, or the clients. The support I get from working here is amazing! Everyone is always there for one another and gives support whenever they can! Also, whenever I have an idea, question, or concern that I present it to my coworkers, we all work together to come up with a solution! Laugh and Learn is one of the best places I have ever worked at! I cannot wait to expand my education and growth with the company!” 

Laurel M.

“Laugh and Learn is a company that is invested in you. They work with you to become the best technicians you can be. They give you the support that you need to feel appreciated. I wish I knew of Laugh and Learn when I began my ABA journey 5 years ago.”

Damien (DJ) F.

“Great work environment! I’m a current employee going on a year, and I still love this job. Everyone you work with feels like family, the pay is good with many options to move forward within the company, communication with management is easy, quick, and friendly. I’ve never had an issue with needing time off for vacation or sick days. The company was going through a lot of changes when I first got hired and I feel that my initial training was affected by it, but after many changes were made to the training program, I feel very positively about it. The clinical team and BCBA’s are always working phenomenally together.  It’s an amazing place to work if you’re getting into ABA!”

Rian S.

“Laugh and Learn Therapy is a company and place that is welcoming and friendly to all. Working here has shown me the wonderful amount of support that is offered to the employees by your coworkers and management. It is a fun and high paced environment where you get to help both the kids and your coworkers to shine to the best of their abilities. The overall atmosphere of the workplace is a fun and lively place to work, wherein everyone will work together, making sure to let the kids learn in a natural environment where they can have fun and play while gaining new skills.” 

Rachel E.

“I have been working in the field of ABA for nearly 5 years and have spent time in home-based environments and 3 different ABA centers in Mid-Michigan. Teaching kids how to communicate their wants and needs and necessary self-help skills made me fall in love with the ABA field. Teaching kids to laugh and play has made me fall in love with Laugh and Learn. Working here has truly given me the opportunity to become a kid again. Whether it’s jumping into the ball pit, a rousing game of superhero tag, or getting elbows deep into a sensory bin, every day brings new adventures for us to explore together. My absolute favorite thing about Laugh’s natural environment approach, though, is getting to see the kids learn how to interact and play with each other much more than the other ABA centers I have worked at in the past and having the space they need to Just Be Kids.”