About Us


Our Philosophy

Laugh & Learn Therapy is dedicated to helping children with autism reach their goals by using the principles of Applied Behavior analysis (ABA).  With a collaborative care approach, we provide treatment tools and teaching strategies to assist our clients and parents/caregivers with skills needed for everyday life.

We believe in developing a cohesive plan and setting appropriate goals for a child’s treatment so the family’s goals for their child are achieved. A team approach is important to our work because we believe that families benefit the most from a team that is committed to good communication and learning from each other.

About us

Our Mission

To increase the quality of life for your child and family through ABA and focusing on individualized needs. Our goal is to ensure that each client is making progress toward their developmental goals and reaching their fullest potential. This is completed through the process of consistent supervision from a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst BCBA, collaboration with all care providers and continuous staff development. We believe in regular data analysis to ensure decisions about your child’s care are made systemically, collaboratively, and efficiently.

Individualized Treatment Planning Process

About us

Our Approach


We use a team approach to assist our clients in addressing their specific needs.  Laugh & Learn Therapy believes in:

Committed to the Approach 100%
Fluent in the Approach 100%

Changing Lives through the practice of ABA therapy by skillfully teaching foundational skills to bring about meaningful growth and change.

Committed to ensure our clients know our professional team is reliable and strong in assisting with overcoming difficult obstacles that present with challenges.

Success in every small achievement that leads to celebrating and recognizing that every goal reached can mean a big victory for a client and their family.

Respect of human dignity and cooperation of all our clients and their family members. Our approach to our environment is to allow everyone to contribute and excel!

Integrity, professional behavior, and ethical conduct are how we conduct our business. We are honest and transparent in all our interactions with employees, clients, families, associates, professionals, and the public.

Teamwork leverages our individual strengths. To maximize our collective impact, we inspire, challenge, collaborate, listen, support, and guide each other to provide the very best for the clients and families we serve.

Valuing Families we serve by supporting and providing the information needed to have the uninterrupted continuation of positive reinforcement across environments. We will give them tools to be successful and to maintain generalization of treatment.

Celebrations are very important to Laugh & Learn Therapy. We take the time to celebrate as a team by creating a positive environment conducive to fun and learning.