Client Testimonials


“My son has been attending Laugh and Learn Therapy for over three years now and the growth we have seen in him has been amazing. We love their play-based philosophy focused on improving individual skills instead of masking autistic traits. The fact that my son lights up with excitement when we arrive shows us that he loves his sessions there. The technicians are patient and so supportive of the kids and the rest of the staff are wonderful, caring people. We love Laugh & Learn Therapy!”


“I cannot thank Laugh and Learn enough for everything they have done for my son. Over the past two years he went from only saying a few words to speaking sentences! Not only has his speech dramatically increased so has his ability to follow simple directions along with seeking interactions with his peers something he never did before. His behavior has drastically improved too. He went from spitting multiple times a day and breaking things to only spitting maybe once a month and hardly ever destroying anything anymore. The staff genuinely care about these kids and helping them be their best self. Goals are set for each individual child and reviewed monthly during parent meetings. I love that they explain the techniques being used and how to carry it over at home. My son would not be the person he is today without Laugh and learn-highly recommend!”


“We toured multiple ABA locations and from the moment we stepped into Laugh and Learn, we felt at “home”. After we finished the tour, I actually cried tears of relief for the first time in our whirlwind Autism journey. While our son was a client at Laugh and Learn, his goals and treatment plans were continuously individualized to his abilities and designed to further his progress. Parent communication and collaboration at Laugh and Learn was top-notch and seamless. The parent trainings were invaluable and helped to ensure that progress at ABA transitioned to the home environment. I will forever be grateful for Laugh and Learn; they truly changed our lives. Our son started at Laugh and Learn at age 4 with very few words and impressive eloping skills, a task as simple as crossing a parking lot was anxiety inducing. 3 years later, our son graduated from Laugh and Learn with the skills to join his peers at school. If you’re looking for the right ABA fit, this is it. We miss you!”


“Laugh and Learn is a place our son can truly be himself! We love that therapy is set up in a way he feels he’s hanging out with friends while working on skills to increase independence. We’re thankful for Laugh and Learn’s flexibility with scheduling needs and for Pam’s warm welcome each day for clients and families.”