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Taking Autism Therapy to the Next Level

Laugh & Learn Therapy is dedicated to helping children with autism reach their goals by using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). With a collaborative care approach, we provide treatment tools and teaching strategies to assist our clients and parents/caregivers. Collaboration with the family, community and other providers is important when setting appropriate goals for your child. We provide a detailed individualized approach that encompasses evidence-based practices and, data driven results.


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Our Approach

Our team is dedicated and strives to provide the highest quality of care because of the passion for this field and helping our clients succeed!

Valuing Families

We serve by supporting and providing the information needed.


Professional behavior, and ethical conduct are how we conduct our business.

Our Clients


Helping Your Child

Establish Essential Skills

Communication Techniques

Increasing communication abilities to strengthen self-advocacy

Academic Readiness

One of our specialties is assisting our children in preparing for school.

Social Skills

Providing our children with essential social skills training so they can develop lasting relationships

Self-Help Capabilities

Our children will learn to cope, take care of themselves, and build their independence.

Exploring Abilities

It's wonderful to be a kid! A child can become more aware of the world by learning to play

Motor Skills

Improving body awareness, fine motor skills, and gross motor abilities with clients

We're Here For You

We help build confidence

The client isn’t just one individual to us. We think integrating the entire family creates enduring bonds and significantly raises everyone’s quality of life. Our mission is to offer each of our clients and their families quality, personalized services.

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  • Mon - Fri........ 9am - 6pm
  • Sat - Sun....... Closed
  • Flint & Brighton, MI

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Hours needed

ABA Therapy Hours

The number of hours needed is determined by your child’s BCBA after completion of the initial assessment process. The average hours usually fall anywhere between 10 – 35 hours of direct one-on-one therapy. The hours will also depend on whether your child is in school and at what time your child is able to arrive at the clinic for therapy. We also work with the local schools with bus drop offs to make it easier on the family’s transportation needs.