We Laugh Learn

Laugh and Learn Autism Therapy - an ABA-based clinic that provides customized treatment using the most effective research-based therapeutic practices to maximize our clients’ progress.

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We Laugh & Learn

Laugh&Learn - an ABA focused clinic which provides the most effective
and intensive customized treatment using research-based therapy.
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doctors with children, adolescent

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We provide the best in autism care. How?

Welcome to Laugh & Therapy!

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our facilities.  Each facility has areas that are set up for different stages of learning based on your child's needs.  We use the principles of ABA to teach skills in play-based as well as more traditional learning environments.

Social Skills Training
Social skills training uses a behavior analytic approach to teach individuals age-appropriate social skills in motivating activities presented in a group setting. Skills addressed may include communication, problem-solving, decision-making, self-management, perspective-taking, and peer interaction.
ABA Programs
ABA therapy program can be applied in various settings such as the family's home, a clinic, the child's school or a combination of settings. Engaging the child’s intrinsic motivation for learning
Clinic-Based ABA Therapy
Laugh and Learn Autism Therapy offers customized program development for autistic individuals ages 2-21. The first step in developing an individualized program is conducting an initial assessment to determine your child’s specific strengths, needs, and interests. Using the results of the initial assessment, a treatment plan is developed.