Back to School Bonanza: Adventures in Autism!

Summer is drawing to a close, and that means it’s time for a new school year full of excitement, learning, and a dash of the unexpected! Therefore, let’s follow our fellow adventurers on the Autism spectrum, as they go back to school on a journey filled with quirks, triumphs, and endless possibilities. So buckle up as we embark on an exploration of what going back to school is like for these incredible individuals.

The Backpack Dilemma:

  • First off, there’s the mysterious backpack! Who knew such a simple contraption could cause such confusion? As a result, our Autism adventurers might find themselves in an epic battle of wits with zippers, compartments, and buckles. But will they emerge victorious and master the art of the perfectly packed backpack? Stay tuned!

The Grand Unveiling of New Supplies:

  • Next, imagine the thrill of opening a treasure chest of new school supplies! From glittery pencils to funky erasers, the sensory delights are endless. Therefore, our adventurers may engage in an exploration of their supplies, marveling at textures, colors, and scents with contagious excitement.

Heroes of Back To School Routine :

  • Thirdly, for many on the Autism spectrum, routines are their trusty sidekicks. And so, as the school year begins, our superheroes spring into action, ensuring that breakfast, getting dressed, and other activities flow in the perfectly plotted sequence. A smooth routine is like an adventure planned to perfection!

Navigating the Social Labyrinth:

  • Then there’s the labyrinth of social interactions! Our Autism adventurers will approach this challenge with a blend of curiosity and determination. For example, they might embark on quests to decode facial expressions, decipher social cues, and engage in conversations that lead to unexpected and wonderful friendships.

Sensory Escapades When Going Back To School:

  • Next, each classroom environment has its own sensory landscape, and our adventurers are their fearless explorers. From the bustling cafeteria to the quiet corner of the library, they navigate this terrain with sensory tools in hand, turning each space into their unique sensory wonderland.

The Power of Special Interests:

  • Then, special interests are the magical portals that ignite passion and focus. As school resumes, these interests transform into sources of motivation. Math enthusiasts might calculate the number of days until the next holiday, while nature lovers document every bug they encounter in the schoolyard.

Celebrating Small Back to School Victories:

  • Finally, every achievement, no matter how small, deserves a standing ovation! Our Autism adventurers celebrate the triumphs, from successfully tying shoelaces to mastering a new skill. Each victory adds to their confidence and makes them feel like the heroes they truly are.


Lastly, going back to school after summer break is an adventure like no other for individuals on the Autism spectrum. As they navigate backpacks, routines, social interactions, sensory experiences, and their beloved special interests, they embody the spirit of exploration and resilience. With their unique perspectives and unwavering determination, our autism adventurers remind us all that every school day is a chance to embark on a thrilling quest for growth, knowledge, and heartwarming connections.

Click here for a downloadable resource pack created by the Autism Society of America and Nickelodeon to help children with Autism with the transition Back To School!