ABA Programs

We develop individual programs for each Laugh and Learn Autism Therapy Therapy client.

Programs involve the following:

  • Determining the skills and evaluating the difficulties of the child
  • Knowing the goals and objectives, for example, learning how to say ‘hello'
  • Assessing how often a behavior takes place
  • Planning and implementing a program that teaches the required behavior
  • Continuous measurement of the required skill to check whether the program is effective
  • Continuous enhancement of the program, and making corrective actions when needed

The way these components will be applied by the program depends on different factors such as the child's particular condition on the autism spectrum as well as the child's individual strengths and weaknesses. An ABA therapy program can be applied in various settings such as the family's home, a clinic, the child's school or a combination of settings. Our services are currently offered in the clinic setting.

These are the broad categories that ABA seeks to take the address, and what the common developmental objectives are for each.

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