Our Philosophy

Laugh&Learn is dedicated to helping individuals on the
Autism Spectrum reach their full potential by applying
evidence based practices.


Our ABA Therapists provide social and educational training
to maximize the potential for our clients to lead satisfying,
self-sustaining lives in connection with their communities.
We strive to offer parents and professionals access to
Applied Behavior Analysis based treatment tools. As well as
improving access to effective treatment using an easy-to-
follow web-based curriculum and proven teaching strategies.

Laugh and Learn Therapy makes use of processes of Applied
Behavior Analysis. Which are evidence-based methods of
treatment. This includes Verbal Behavior techniques, Fluency
Based and Direct Instruction, Natural Environment
Training(NET) and Discrete Trial Training (DTT).

Every child’s program is built specifically for his/her
particular needs. To be able to undergo any kind of treatment
from us, we first make sure that our clients have all the
eligibility requirements needed for admission.

Laugh&Learn conducts initial assessments which may include
Functional Behavior Assessments, Preference Assessments,
VB-MAPP, AFLS, ABLLS, which leads the assigned BCBA to
make a decision regarding which goals are most clinically
appropriate for your case.


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